Aquascape and Waterscape Design & Installation in Denver, CO

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    Waterscapes, or aquascapes as they are sometimes referenced by, are landscape features many incorporate into their Denver yards. Waterscapes and aquascapes can consist of a variety of different water features to complement your Denver landscape design such as a small stream that slowly flows downhill. Another natural Denver waterscape is a waterfall or cascading water feature, which can connect to other aquascapes or be independently built into your Denver yard. Waterscapes can dominate Denver landscapes by meandering through them or take on the role of a central aquascape centerpiece. Denver landscapes can also utilize waterscapes or aquascapes as backdrops for more subtle additions.

    Waterscapes in landscapes also create a delightful sense of motion that helps Denver residents relax. The soothing cascade of water down a waterfall provides a lovely ambiance for our outdoor space, bringing an extra level of calmness and relaxation to your Denver home.

    Low Maintenance Aquascapes for DenverĀ Homes

    Aquascapes are an enchanting addition to any landscape here in Denver, but may of Outdoor Lifestyles clients are initially concerned about maintenance and increased costs of operating a waterscape in Denver and its dry climate.

    Denver waterscape and aquascape enthusiasts have learned that a well designed and implemented waterscape requires minimal maintenance over the years to ensure efficient operation and clean aquascapes. We construct all of our landscape features, especially our waterscape and aquascapes to last. After installation, Outdoor Lifestyles will demonstrate the simple maintenance and cleaning required for your Denver waterscape or aquascape feature, so you feel comfortable and well informed on how to clean the space on your own in the future.

    LessĀ Traditional Denver Waterscapes

    Outdoor Lifestyles has designed a great variety of landscapes in Denver, and while we have created many landscapes with traditional waterscapes and aquascapes, such as streams, ponds, and even waterfalls, we have also crafted less traditional waterscapes for our Denver clients.

    Waterscapes and aquascapes allow for a great deal of creativity to create unique designs for Denver waterscapes. Some of our original designs include fountains from hewn boulders, with a sheer level top for the water to cascade from. Let us create your waterscape vision for your Denver backyard!

    Outdoor Lifestyles has the experience and technical knowledge Denver residents need to design and craft custom waterscapes and aquascapes for their Denver homes. Reach out to us via our Contact Us page to see how e can bring your waterscape and aquascape vision to life in your own Denver backyard.

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