Snow Maintenance in Denver, CO

Snow can pile up quickly here in Denver, Colorado. We will be there to handle the snow before it builds up and afterward to ensure your pathways are clear. Our plows will ensure access to your business so that you can keep working no matter Denver’s unpredictable weather. Our team can handle snow removal projects of any size in Denver such as large retail parking lots, small commercial office lots, apartment complexes, and even residential areas we contract with via homeowners associations.

Zero Tolerant Snow Sites

Our Denver teams handle Zero Tolerant Sites, with the patience and perseverance to keep your parking lots and pavements open for business in the worst of Denver’s winter storms. Zero tolerance is an often negotiated term because keeping any site clear during severe weather is part impossible, part poor resource allocation. That being said, we will set a tolerance level appropriate for your business and its needs no matter the weather.

Snow Haul Off for Denver Business Needs

Denver snowfall often causes the creation of small mountains of compacted ice and snow in large parking lots that can diminish the available space for parking or other uses of the space for Denver residents and clients. Outdoor Lifestyles offer snow haul-off services to load the snow onto carriers and remove it from our client’s parking lots, sidewalks and the like without creating a small mountain of ice and snow to interfere with business.


Deicing for Denver properties largely consists of spreading chemicals that inhibit freezing on essential surfaces for business operation, such as sidewalks and parking lots. De-icing is typically used in conjunction with plowing operations in Denver to create the desired lack of snow for Denver property operation. De-icing chemicals are usually salt, sand, gravel or sodium chloride, as these chemicals help to prevent freezing on sidewalk and pavement and increasing friction for a safer Denver thoroughfare. These can be preemptively enacted on properties in advance of weather to help keep your Denver business running.

Sidewalk Service

Sidewalk services for Denver properties is a combination of plowing, snow removal and de-icing implemented to keep your Denver business open during the worst of the Denver weather and snowfalls. Our skilled snow removal teams will clear any current snow, de-ice any sidewalk or pavement surfaces, and remove the snow so that the snowfall will never slow your Denver business down.

HOA’s and Apartments

Outdoor Lifestyles offers a variety of snow removal services to both Homeowners Associations and Apartment Complexes that are in need of Snow Maintenance. Homeowners associations and apartment complexes can benefit significantly from keeping their roads and sidewalks clear of snow for the convenience of residents. Different contracts can be arranged to include any variety of our snow maintenance services offered to best suit your Homeowners Association’s or apartment complex’s needs.

No Residential Service

Unfortunately, Outdoor Lifestyles does not, at this time, contract for residential snow removal services outside of Homeowners associations or Apartment complex contracts.

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