Hardscape and Landscape Design & Installation Services in Denver, CO

Hardscapes are landscaping features that are designed and constructed of hard materials, such as rocks, pavers, brick, and concrete. Landscaping hardscapes in Denver are common features such as walls, retaining walls, paths, patios, boulders, and even driveways.

Types of Denver Hardscapes

Denver landscapers typically utilize the same kinds of hardscapes to create partitions and delineate sections of the overall landscape design. Hardscapes can create physical boundaries or perceived boundaries between hardscapes and landscape designs in Denver backyards.

Retaining walls are hardscapes, usually fashioned from pavers, or rocks, that can be used to design tiers and varying levels of design because of the hardscape’s ability to hold up dirt and soil. Denver landscaping services often use retaining walls as hardscapes for small planters, or large walls to better control a landscapes level and design.

Boulders and large rocks are a more natural looking hardscape design option, which keeps the feeling less orderly and promotes an organic design in the Denver landscape. Though these hardscapes are a less efficient barrier, these are often employed in Denver designs as large, eye-catching hardscapes.

Patios are very common, if not the most common hardscape, in Denver landscaping because they increase the versatility and use of outdoors areas for Denver homes. Patios are large flat sections of hardscapes that are used to hold anything from landscape features to outdoor living spaces.

Stairs in landscape designs are another hardscape that helps to control the design and flow of a Denver landscape. These designs often include hardscape stairs to help guests move between different tiers created by the terrain or other hardscapes, such as retaining walls. Few landscaping services or designs utilize stairs without a real change in elevation requiring this hardscape feature.

Unifying the Hardscapes at Your Denver Home

Hardscapes can be assembled of matching pavers or complementary natural stones that can create a unified aesthetic for your landscape design. Often landscaping services will utilize universal pavers, or other hardscapes materials easily repurposed for retaining walls, paths, or stairs. A landscape design utilizing a unifying hardscape material can create a fantastic Denver landscape that ties your whole look and together while providing you with the feeling envisioned.

If you have a landscape vision for your Denver yard, reach out to us via our Contact Us page. Outdoor Lifestyles is well versed in utilizing hardscapes for sculpting Denver landscape designs and rounding out the design and look you are trying to achieve.

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