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    Denver landscapes are very often not flat affairs, and many times going outside can involve a steep hill or sharp drop from inside to outside. Outdoor Lifestyles are experts in designing and installing outdoor stairs that will not only match the overall design of your space but make going from one area to another quite simple at the same time. Some Denver clients may want to avoid the use of many steps in their design, and those desires are things we will take into account as we craft a layout that works for your needs. Whether you want the varying elevation of several sets of stairs, or you want the outside space of your Denver home to be as simplistic as possible, we will accommodate your needs and create your ideal space.

    Outdoor Stairs Material

    Stairs utilized in the outdoor landscaping of Denver homes are made from a variety of materials. Natural stone steps are often used for outside Denver homes when the elevation change is minor but can be used to create large sections of stone steps outside your Denver home as well.

    Pavers or bricks are a common building material for outdoor stairs as they provide a clean and uniform look outside of Denver homes. Unlike natural stone or boulders, pavers and bricks are easily worked with the appropriate tools and are typically produced in regular shapes ideal for landscaping stairs, steps, and even walls. Pavers for Denver’s outdoor stair needs are manufactured in almost any color, size or shape. The variety of shapes, sizes, and colors available for outdoor stairs and steps built from pavers is the primary reason for their prolific use outside Denver homes.

    Lumber, most commonly pressure treated, is another popular outdoor stairs or step material used outside Denver homes. Lumber is, in practice, more easily worked than stone or pavers, and offers more variety in construction at a lower cost, which is why many Denver homes utilize it for outside porches, stairs, and steps. Lumber or wood stairs outside Denver homes also offer a phenomenal variety of shades and colors further increased with paint and stains to help your outside steps shine. Lumber can also help Denver landscapes transition from hardscapes to porches with a well-built set of outdoor steps to bring together multiple elements outside Denver homes.

    Whether you want a clean looking set of stairs or a more natural pathway from one area to another, our expert team can work with you to incorporate the right type of stairs for your space.

    Bring Together Your Denver Landscape with Outdoor Stairs and Steps

    Outdoor Lifestyles has the experience to draw on for crafting a unique set of outdoor stairs and steps outside your Denver home. Look through our Project Gallery to see some of the outside stairs we have completed. If you have questions regarding outdoor stairs or steps outside your Denver home, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page today, and we would be more than happy to help you out.

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