Home & Backyard Retaining Wall Design & Installation in Denver, CO

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    Retaining walls are used in many Denver landscapes as a way to divide an outdoor space or accentuate elevation in ones’ yard. Outdoor Lifestyles will help you with your retaining wall design and installation for your Denver home. We will take into account the layout of your yard, what you’re looking to accomplish and then advise on what material and layout we think will best accommodate your needs.

    Uses for Retaining Walls in Denver

    Retaining walls are meant to eliminate runoff and movement and create positive drainage for your home. Often a retaining wall is in the need category as this helps to protect Denver homes from erosion, and diminished value to the home and backyard.

    Retaining walls are often designed simply to level out or flatten a single sloped area in a Denver backyard, however retaining walls allow for many different designs and purposes. Retaining walls are often designed as planters in backyards for Denver homes. These planters can be designed for retaining wall structures, or as freestanding retaining wall planters in the backyard. This allows for a variety of plants and foliage to be laid out in a dedicated space and for the elevation of the outdoor space to be highlighted as well as the walls will define the incline.

    Materials for Retaining Walls

    Retaining wall designs allow for a myriad of uses for Denver backyards, and the simple retaining walls allow for a great variety of Denver retaining wall materials. Pavers and bricks are often well suited and designed specifically for backyard retaining walls. Pavers are also produced in a variety of shapes sizes and designs that will create stunning backyard designs for your Denver landscape. They are also an affordable retaining wall material because they are often designed from concrete which is abundant.

    While the most common material, pavers are definitely not the only retaining wall material available for designs. Natural stone is often implemented in retaining wall design in Denver to create amazing backyards with a unique and organic look. Lumber and wood can also be used to create retaining walls, though these are more suited to square retaining walls or more complex designs that you may get with stone or concrete materials.

    Designing BackYard Retaining Walls for Your Denver Home

    Retaining walls can be one of the most interesting backyard features to design for Denver landscapes. Outdoor Lifestyles has designed a plethora of Denver backyards sculpted with retaining walls to create many desired effects. We can help you design the best retaining wall configuration to craft the backyard you desire for your Denver home. For examples of retaining walls and designs in Denver backyards, check out our Project Gallery.

    Outdoor Lifestyles can help you design your ideal Denver backyard through the use of retaining walls. Reach out to us via our Contact Us page to schedule a consultation and discuss how retaining walls can improve your Denver backyard.

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