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    Keeping a lawn healthy and green in Denver is hard, which is why most Denver residents use irrigation systems built into the ground. Outdated underground irrigation systems can cause more problems than not having an irrigation system, and often wastes water which can become quite costly. Keeping your irrigation system updated and well maintained is just one way that our qualified team can help you enjoy your landscape.

    Irrigation Services

    Outdoor Lifestyles offers customized irrigation installations to Denver residents, using the very best in modern and up to date irrigation technologies. We use the best combination of irrigation types that delivers the optimal amount of water, with the least amount of wastewater.

    Spray irrigation systems allow for optimal coverage of inconsistently sized areas through proper settings. Rotary irrigation systems are used to cover large areas of grass, turf and other areas requiring significant water. Bubbler irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems are more efficient irrigation systems that are used when specific plants or groups of plants need water. Bubbler and Drip irrigation systems deliver water through a low-pressure system and are significantly more efficient than typical irrigation systems.


    Installing irrigation systems is an involved process, that requires a lot of moving parts, and heavy lifting. Our team’s experience will ensure that your property is appropriately maintained and protected throughout the process. Denver residences offer a variety of properties that may be difficult to access, or work with; we have handled them all. Outdoor Lifestyles will install your irrigation system with the utmost respect for your home and property.

    Our water is an important resource that we take very seriously and our passion is to design a system that is efficient & effective. Eco-friendly water management is ideal for Denver residents, but knowing which if these irrigation systems is the best solution can be difficult. Our team has handled every type of irrigation system and will help you understand your options when you decide to install an irrigation system. We will then implement the ideal system for your landscape and outdoor lifestyle, rotary irrigation, spray irrigation, drip irrigation, bubbler irrigation, or most likely a combination of these types. Get started with us today!

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    Landscape Design & Implementation, Water Saving Systems



    Bubbler Rocks, Streams, Ponds, Fountains, Waterfalls

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    Commercial Services

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    Outdoor Living Spaces

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