Native Planting for Your Landscape in Denver, CO

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    Denver’s unique climate is part of its draw for residents, native or otherwise, and one great way to embrace Denver and the native climate is through native plantings. Native plants, as the name implies, are plants we implement in landscaping that are native to the specific region.

    Colorado and Denver’s ecosystem hosts a wealth of plants native to the area that have adapted to our climate naturally. These plants are ideal for landscaping use because of this and require significantly less maintenance and care than non-native counterparts, which can require more water or work to survive Denver’s climate. Why struggle to maintain a plant that is ill-suited for our climate when a native plant will thrive with minimal effort?

    Types of Native Plantings Used in Denver

    Plants native to Denver and the surrounding area come in all shapes and sizes. Think beyond the infamous yuccas and cactuses more suited to the dry plains. Native plants we use for Denver landscaping include colorful flowering plants, vibrant shrubbery, hardy vines, and majestic trees. Some native plants to consider adding to your property include the Woods Rose, Giant Goldenrod, Quaking Aspen, and even the Colorado Blue Columbine to name just a few of the native plants we use to create stunning landscapes in Denver.

    Advantages to Native Planting in Denver

    Outdoor Lifestyle has served the Denver area’s landscaping needs for years, and the use of native planters has helped to create landscaping options unique to Denver that thrive with minimal maintenance. We can help answer any questions you have about native plants, and even tell you which native plants will do best in your landscape design. Xeriscape designs can include the infamous yucca plants or cactuses to help reduce water needs or even add flowers and shrubs that may not require irrigation because they are native and acclimated to Denver’s climate.

    Landscaping with Native Planters

    Outdoor Lifestyle often uses native plantings in large planters or flower pots, to help create or evoke different landscaping effects. This does not have to be the case though as we also use beds built into hardscapes, waterscapes, or retaining walls. These can help to evoke a controlled wilderness in your backyard. Large to medium planters or pots can be used to create separation in a landscape creating a more dynamic space for relaxing in your Denver landscape. Native planters and their inclusion in your ideal landscape can create a unique and easier to maintain space for your outdoor lifestyle.

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