Raised Planter Landscape Design in Denver, CO

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    Raised planters are commonly used throughout Denver to create levels in a garden or to bring plants onto a patio or porch without the undue mess. Raised planters are sometimes made of large pots, but are also sometimes built into hardscapes, retaining walls or waterscapes. These create an area separate from the rest of the landscape that is more difficult for weeds to infiltrate, and is easier for gardeners to maintain because of its height.

    Freestanding raised planters are most often large planters or pots containing one or several plants. Some Denver residents will use these planters for herb gardens to have easy access to fresh mint, basil, thyme or whatever herbs are quintessential to their cooking. Raised planters can also be used to grow vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, or cucumbers. Many use planters simply as a raised bed containing flowers to showcase the prominence of their natural color and beauty.

    Outdoor Lifestyles often plant native plants in raised planters to use the local environments beauty to create a unique landscape showcasing the plants found in Denver and its surrounding area. We discuss this at length on our Native Planters page, including the myriad benefits of native plants for Denver Landscapes.

    Dynamic Planters

    Raised Planters can be used to create a sense of separation and make a space more dynamic on patios that feel to open or exposed. Outdoor Lifestyles often uses hardscapes and retaining wall in tandem with raised planters to maximize space and create a visually stunning landscape design. This could include raised planters framing seating areas or creating a wall of raised planters in line with a pergola.

    Raised planters are made out of many different materials, depending on what goes best in your ideal landscape design. Planters are made from the myriad of lumbers available from cedar to pine to cherry wood, each adding a different character to the landscape. Planters built of traditional clay or ceramic pots can come in all shapes and sizes, allowing for customization and personality to spare. Denver residents also have been known to embrace the reclamation of industrial buildings and materials for a unique rustic style, that can extend to raised planters. Raised planters built into hardscape can help create a more dynamic space, and add a tiered effect to any landscape.

    Raised planters are an excellent addition to most landscapes, and can be used to great effect. Meet with our team of landscaping experts to discuss your dream landscape and outdoor lifestyle, that we can craft for you.

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