Xeriscape Gardens in Denver, CO

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    A well-executed xeriscape in Denver can be as bright and colorful as a traditional non-xeriscape landscape. Xeriscapes are meant primarily to reduce supplemental water used in a landscape. Supplemental here, meaning water added through irrigation beyond local rainfall, because as Denver residents know, we only receive 13 to 15 inches of precipitation a year, meaning certain plantings require a great deal of supplemental water. Watering even a small area of plants or a yard, year-round, can add up in watering by a minimum 60%. There are even Denver xeriscape landscapes that require no supplemental water at all.

    Xeriscape Cost Savings in Denver

    The annual savings you will gain by watering less is clear and to add to that, the fact that droughts can heavily damage your planters, planting beds and yards, it’s easy to understand why a xeriscape would be ideal in Denver and throughout Colorado. Xeriscapes help Denver residents save money and time each year, and the more time a xeriscape has to establish itself the less maintenance it will require. The diminishing cost of labor and time is a significant draw to xeriscapes in the Denver area. Replacing turf with mulch and less water heavy plants is a significant step in xeriscapes.

    Planning Your Xeriscape

    Xeriscapes in Denver accomplish water use reduction by keeping several things in mind. The use of native plants adapted to the climate often require minimal supplemental water, particularly when grouped with plants that have similar watering needs. Xeriscapes also utilize soil improvements in tandem with mulches, primarily to improve the retention of moisture and water. Xeriscapes reinforce this with efficient irrigation that minimizes excess water, or water runoff. Finally, all of these aspects require a strong plan to implement as well as maintenance to maintain the minimized Denver water use.

    Xeriscapes utilize native plants, and varietals that require minimal supplemental water, but many of these are surprisingly colorful and beautiful. Agastache is a varietal, with colors ranging from pink to orange, and are well suited to Denver and are known to attract hummingbirds. Yarrow is a perennial that will survive most droughts and has a bright color including yellow, white and red. Even the exotic Torch Lilly can be used in Denver xeriscapes to add color.

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