Custom Outdoor Seating Areas in Denver, CO

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    Outdoor seating areas offer Denver residents great opportunities to enjoy the climate found only here in Denver. Landscapes are often made up of hardscapes such as patios, stairs, walkways, and cement; interacting with carefully partitioned and designed natural plant areas, and occasionally including waterscapes such as streams, waterfalls or pools. Outdoor landscaping built to include many components often needs one important aspect to enjoy properly, a seating area. Seating areas create the chance to lounge on carefully crafted benches, walls, and dining areas.

    Types of Seating Areas for Denver Landscapes

    Seating areas for Denver landscapes and backyards can come in many different shapes and forms. Some of the most straightforward seating areas are made from hardscape walls implemented throughout the landscape design. Most wall seating areas are made to a comfortable sitting height and covered with large flat stones evenly spaced to create a comfortable seating surface in your Denver home’s backyard. Seating can also be built into a hardscape wall that is too tall for comfortable seating, creating a bench at the appropriate height. This seating helps to create a more secured and enclosed feeling. The advantage to building your seating areas for your patio and landscape into the landscape design is better-utilized space, and forgoing the need for patio furniture.

    Many patios do not have seating built into their hardscape features but rather designate a large flat area of patio to support seating and outdoor furniture. This is the most common solution as it allows Denver residents the flexibility to change these features allowing the personal customization of their Denver home to be easily altered without expensive landscaping work.

    Complementary Features

    When Denver residents design their ideal landscape including patio areas, they often have dining and entertainment in mind. Naturally, some landscape components will significantly complement seating areas. Dining surfaces such as those found in outdoor kitchens, or hardscaped tables can be an excellent addition to a landscape or patio. Though most Denver residents prefer to have matching patio furniture, having a small bench built into a hardscape adjacent to the outdoor kitchen can create a beautiful dining area.

    Fire pits are a popular feature in many Denver backyards, and comfortable seating helps denver residents to relax and enjoy the comfort of warming by a crackling fire. Some firepits have benches or short walls for sitting made out of hardscapes directly around them or near them, while other firepits are built on or embedded in flat patio areas. These seating areas offer the versatility of using whatever patio furniture the Denver resident prefers, and to change that furniture.

    Seating walls can create a strong visual element and greatly enhance the theme and character of your design. Built in seating gives lots of opportunities to retreat and enjoy various parts of your outdoor space without the hassle of storing much outdoor furniture. Contact our team today to learn more about outdoor seating options for our space.

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