Outdoor and Backyard Fire Pit Design & Installation in Denver, CO

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    Nothing is more inviting in the evening air than an outdoor fire pit. Bring people together with a great outdoor feature as fire pits will liven up your Denver backyard with warmth and light. You will find yourself huddled up next to your outdoor fire pit, even on the warmest Denver nights. Outdoor Lifestyles can help you to design the perfect backyard fire pit for your Denver home.

    Design the Perfect Backyard Fire Pit for your Denver Home

    We offer many options for you to design your personal and custom fire pit to bring life to your Denver backyard. Outdoor Lifestyles has a great deal of experience building custom fire pits across Denver and throughout Colorado. Fire pits can be in-ground, such as within a patio hardscape or freestanding depending on the type of fire pit best for your backyard. Outdoor Lifestyles can help you choose or design the perfect fire pit for your backyard.

    Custom Fire pits for Unique Denver Backyards

    Outdoor fire pits can be custom built around you and your Denver homes specifications. We can custom build a fire pit to be gas powered or wood burning. Each has distinct advantages for your Denver home, but it ultimately comes down to preference. Some clients prefer the natural wood burning fire pit for its cozy campfire in backyard feel, while others prefer the convenience of gas-powered fire pits.

    Beyond the fuel type of your fire pit, we can custom build your fire pit to match your landscape and backyard’s aesthetic. Fire pits offer an opportunity to bring together multiple elements, with fire pits natural attention draw, and traditionally focal placement. Often Denver backyards offer unique opportunities to craft interesting landscapes culminating in an outdoor space centered around a custom fire pit.

    Additionally, you can choose between a raised fire pit or an in-ground fire pit. Some of our clients would prefer the fire pit be built within their landscape rather than on top of it and we can assist with this. If you’re not looking to have the fire pit double as an area to eat on, then an in-ground option is great. The fire produces from fire pits are capable of carrying heat a good distance so don’t feel like an in-ground fire pit will be less effective as that is not the case. It comes down to the aesthetic you like for this area of your Denver home. We will happily design and create the fire pits so you will be able to see a variety of options and decide what is right for you.

    Work With Us

    If you want the custom fire pit of your dreams in your Denver backyard, reach out to Outdoor Lifestyles via our Contact Us page. We can use our Denver based team, with its solid outdoor fire pit experience, to design and craft your very own custom fire pit for your Denver home.

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