Paver Patio Design & Installation in Denver, CO

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    Patio Installation for Denver homes

    Backyard patios are one of the best additions to Denver homes. Installing a patio can significantly increase the value of your Denver home and will create a seamless transition from your homes’ interior to the refreshing outdoors. Backyard patios allow you to create an additional comfortable space for your family or friends and guests to enjoy when the Denver weather is nice.

    We Specialize in Patio Pavers for Denver Homes

    Pavers and Flagstones are some of the best materials for patios as they are both versatile and durable to survive the harshest aspects of Denver’s climate after installation. Patio pavers offer a low cost and versatile patio material that can be designed for any backyard in Denver. Flagstone provides a unique natural look, which can be supplemented with pavers for a more consistent backyard in Denver.

    Patio pavers, in particular, are not only versatile building blocks for Denver patios, but can be made from a variety of materials as well. This variety of materials available for patio design and installation, allows us to create a unique backyard for your Denver home. Patio pavers are created from natural stones, such as flagstone. Shaping these pavers, even in Denver can be expensive, and natural pavers are a costly option in Denver as well. More and more patio pavers are made out of cement that is colored and textured to create an amazing variety of design options. While you can still find patio pavers made of clay, the newer cement patio pavers offer an affordable and aesthetically pleasing patio option for Denver’s backyards.

    Patio Design & Installation

    Our expert patio installation will take all the heavy lifting off your hands, while our team implements your Denver home’s custom designed patio. Patios are often used to bring together the different landscape elements of your backyard, often with patio pavers that match or complement other hardscapes in your landscape design. Backyard patios can form the perfect foundation for pergolas, fire pits or even native planters. Designing an outdoor kitchen or waterscape to help you relax and enjoy the Denver climate, often requires a backyard patio designed with these projects in mind, for paver matching and adequate space design.

    Outdoor Lifestyles specializes in the design and installation of outdoor and backyard patios made from pavers, or any other material you desire for your Denver home. Reach out to us today via our Contact Us page and set up a consultation to design the backyard patio your house needs.

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