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    Traditionally, outdoor pergolas were designed for vines to climb and create a more enclosed feeling. Often, pergolas are vertical posts with crossbeams creating a latticework type design that allows the elements to come through. More decorative than there for coverage, pergolas bring beauty as a standing structure for your outdoor space. You can utilize your outdoor pergola to hand lighting or festive decor which brings the structure to life and is a welcome addition to your Denver home. Often, Denver homeowners create backyard pergolas to round out a new patio or living space, creating a complete look all around.

    Pergola Design for Your Denver Home

    Pergolas are an excellent landscape feature found in many Denver homes, and Outdoor Lifestyles is an experienced pergola designer and builder for backyards and outdoor use. If you think a pergola in your backyard would be a strong feature, consider how you would like it situated in your ideal outdoor landscape design for your Denver backyard. Pergolas can either be freestanding in your backyard or outdoor area or can be adjacent to your Denver home by being placed on an attached patio or other landscape feature. Pergolas have been used as an outdoor feature for a long time and have been growing in popularity and variety. Traditionally outdoor pergolas are built in a square or rectangular shape out of treated lumber. However, there is a great variety in the shapes and materials for pergolas.

    When you work with our pergola design and installation team, we will be by your side from the start of the design process to the end of the installation process. You can feel confident in our team as you know that we will see your vision from inception to its final product.

    Backyard Pergola Materials in Denver

    Traditionally, pergolas are designed and crafted from wood, typically treated for the outdoors and constant exposure to varying weather which is why these are so fitting for Denver homes. Outdoor Lifestyles is not limited to one particular material for Denver residents’ outdoor pergola needs. We have the experience to build a pergola from whatever material suits your particular landscape and pergola design.

    Traditional woods are easy to work with for outdoor pergolas and create the look most associated with a backyard pergola as they are warm and welcoming to the surrounding design of most spaces. Wood also provides a variety of types, that can be stained or painted as desired to match your overall outdoor Denver design. Other materials can increase the outdoor pergolas cost, such as glass, or designing stone posts for the pergolas latticework to rest on. Additional materials can decrease costs of backyard pergola design such as fiberglass, or aluminum.

    Get Started

    Reach out to Outdoor Lifestyles today via our Contact Us page to design your perfect outdoor pergola. We will set up a consultation design, discuss your desires and determine how best to incorporate all you’d like in an outdoor pergola for your Denver home. Contact us today!

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